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The rise in unpaid invoices

For an industry already riddled with long waits for payments and lots of chasing up, the creative arts has been hit incredibly hard by COVID-19. Not only has payment processing slowed down for existing workloads, but the production of new work has died down significantly for many since March.

Get paid instantly

We’ve been busy building the unique tech over the last 3 months, but we’re now starting to reveal just a little bit about what we’re doing for creators, agencies and brands.
The Monet app gets creators paid for work within 24 hours and insures all your invoices at no cost

How to deal with bad (or just slow) payers

As part of our short blog post series, we thought we’d tackle some of the administrative/very dry aspects of being a creator head on. So here we are with some useful tips on how to tackle slow and non payers, whilst also explaining where Monet comes in.

We’re building products to help creators grow.

And it starts with getting paid faster.

Get in control of your cash-flow. Submit any invoice for money you’re owed. Get paid upfront by Monet within 24 hours and we’ll do the hard work in chasing the invoice payment.
Launching Autumn 2020.