As part of our short blog post series, we thought we’d tackle some of the administrative/very dry aspects of being a creator head on. So here we are with some useful tips on how to tackle slow and non payers, whilst also explaining where Monet comes in.

Sometimes it feels like the creative arts industry has the most of them.
We’ve been speaking to actors, models, brand influencers, designers, lens crews and even agencies about their experiences with bad payers, terms changers and surprise deductions. Money worries and time spent chasing payments you’re owed can be overwhelming with a negative impact on your focus and talent performance. At we’re building tools for creators and their representatives to solve these issues.
Here’s some quick tips on handling the business side of your creativity:

📌 Represent yourself. Check contracts and terms before signing. It can be daunting to talk money, but you’ll get more respect for it as time goes by. You are the business so speak for it.

📌 Have your invoices ready and send as soon as possible.

📌 If you agree verbally to doing something extra for a client, make sure to also get it agreed in writing. A quick email and confirmation can go a long way in making sure you get paid.

📌 Once you agree to a job, send them an IO (insertion order). Basically this is a booking confirmation, like a short contract, and ask them to either sign or reply to an email confirming the job and payment.

📌 Working with a new company? Do your research. Google their company and look at their account on Companies House, ask around about them, google their name + ‘reviews’.

📲 Monet is creating tools for all of these scenarios to use on the go, alongside getting you paid within 24 hours of creating any invoice. With dedicated free accounts aimed at individual talent, agents, and for network businesses like model agencies and production.