We’ve been busy building the unique tech over the last 3 months, but we’re now starting to reveal just a little bit about what we’re doing for creators, agencies and brands.

The Monet app gets creators paid for work within 24 hours and insures all your invoices at no cost 🙌🏻
Whilst also not putting any cash-flow pressures on the brands and agencies soon to pay creators. Businesses just pay invoices in their normal 30 to 60 day time frames, and Monet takes care of the rest .
We’ll talk more on this later in the year, so keep an eye out.
In short, we help everyone find a better cash-flow stream by using Monet.

Once you’re ready to bill your client, just create your invoice with our free invoice tool, and choose FAST PAY.

Our personalised invoice maker helps you create and send a beautiful payment request directly from the Monet app.

✅ Once sent, Monet, based in Notting Hill, checks everything out, and pays you on the same day. We take a tiny service fee which usually works out between 1-3%, whilst you get your money super fast, and don’t have to worry about chasing payments, potential bad payers, or anything else 💪

For example, that means if you charge a brand £1000 for a sponsored post on your instagram account, we’ll pay you £990 on the day, then your partner brand just pays Monet whenever they are ready.

⏳ No more waiting on payments for weeks on end. No more chasing, no more bad debts.

When you get paid with Monet your invoice becomes insured, meaning we have everything covered for you and us in case something goes a little bit pear-shaped.

Monet’s Fast Pay service helps you focus on your creativity 😌, and not be troubled by cash flow.

Perfect for agencies, models, actors, musicians, production, freelancers, self-employed, athletes and all other creators wanting a better way.