Monet For Investors

The invoice finance

Earn 8-25% annualised net profit as a B2B invoice investor.

And protect your funded invoices with Single Invoice Insurance.

How Monet for Investors works

Join now and set your investment criteria.

Create your Monet for Investors account in 2 minutes as a business or individual. Easily set your investment limits, funding specifications, and risk profile.
Connect your bank account through Open Banking technology, or open a Monet e-money account (later date) to deposit funds.

We verify every Invoice uploaded by sellers and profile the risks.

Users of Monet’s business cashflow app create and upload their due invoices to the marketplace. Monet categorises and verifies each invoice ahead of allocating a market base-price scored by our proprietary and several-layered risk profiling technology, supported by data partners including WiserFunding, Euler Hermes, Experian and more. 

Get matched to sellers and advance fund their invoices.

New Monet-Verified invoices are matched to your risk profile allowing you to set your auto-bid offer and make manual adjustments per invoice. Make your bid, get accepted and authorise funding to be placed

Get secure with Single Invoice Insurance.

Monet offers invoice holders bulletproof protection with industry-leading Single Invoice Insurance, at rates as low as 0.4% of the invoice value ahead of committing to purchase the debt of an invoice.

Welcome to a low-cost, flexible and secure way to invest your funds over short periods, giving you high liquidity during your investment’s lifetime.

Earn 8-25% Net Profit Per Annum. 

There are no upfront fees when you invest your funds in Monet-Verified invoices. We take a small % commission once your funds and profit are received. Leaving you with strong profit margins and high liquidity year-round, with invoice repayments mostly ranging between 20 – 90 days, and the possibility of early payments from debtors. 


What is invoice financing?

Unpaid invoices are Accounts Receivable, meaning they will be paid at a later date. Companies with unpaid invoices can unlock their tied up cash by taking short-term cash advances and lending against the value of their invoices. Invoice Financing can vary in execution, and in the model offered by the Monet for Investors platform, we enable investors like you to buy invoices from companies at discounted rates, becoming the new benefactor of the unpaid invoice, this model is also known as invoice factoring.

What is a B2B invoice?

B2B means “Business to business”. All parties involved are limited businesses registered with governing bodies. A B2B invoice means the client and the supplier are businesses, with no end-consumers involved in the trade. As opposed to a hairdresser who runs a B2C (business to consumer) operation. The party owing funds to a Monet user must be a limited business for invoices to be financed.

Am I eligible to join the Monet For Investors platform?

Individuals: You must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the UK or European Economic Area (EEA), and you must successfully complete the financial competency on-boarding quiz. 

Businesses: You must be authorised to act on behalf of your business, at least 18 years old, and the business must be registered in the UK or the EEA. As an authorised member of your business, you must successfully complete the financial competency on-boarding quiz

When will Monet For Investors launch?

We expect to allow P2P invoice financing to take place in the Monet ecosystem in Autumn 2021. Join the waitlist and we will invite you in for early access to thousands of unpaid invoices. 

What is Single Invoice Insurance

Single Invoice Insurance (SII) is a flexible product offered in the trade credit industry, allowing businesses and sole-traders to protect individual payments from insolvency and other means of bad debts. Reimbursement typically covers 90-100% of the unpaid debt in the event of triggering the insurance.

When a payment becomes overdue, the insurance provider will often help recover the payment as quickly as possible.